Monday, October 8, 2012

Day 9...My name is Franken...Steen!

Hello my favorite Creatures of the night. Welcome to day 9 of the countdown to Halloween...maybe I should be saying count-up...anyway, you get me.

Today I am taking names...I mean, talking about names, Halloween names to be specific! In this classic movie the main character is very specific on how his name is pronounced.

If you are like me, sometimes you wonder why parents named their kids the way they did. Or sometimes you wonder how in the world they came up with that spelling. I have even wondered why a certain person would continue going by their given name.  The horror!

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When I was pregnant with my daughter, she was due around Halloween. Her Dad wanted to name her Tabitha if she was born on the day. He would not relent on this fact. I thought he was plumb crazy! Fortunately for her, she was born several days later. 
Can you imagine what torture she would have had to endure? 

"Tabitha, wiggle your nose." Tabitha, did you put a spell on me."
"Tabitha, will you make a spell so I can get a million dollars."
 Yeah, right...was not going to do that to her for nothing!

However, as I was thinking about this blog, I thought of other people and their Halloween names or certain characters associated with Halloween. What do they really mean? Are they spooky or something else?


Luna (Lovegood) from Harry Potter, has become a popular name given to some girls recently. She is a quirky, mysterious character. Her name actually means, as you would expect, moon. To be more specific, she is the Roman Goddess of the moon.


Raven Symone grew up out of the Cosby Kids era into a woman of her own. Singer and actress she is fantastic. Her name lends itself to be mysterious and somewhat spooky... think the movie, The Raven.
The meaning of her name is anything but spooky. Actually, it means   
like Ebony or deeply black wood and beauty.

Wednesday from The Addams Family is a brilliantly dark character who is annoyed by her brother but loves him and the rest of her family to...death! Her favorite toy is a doll with its head chopped off for gosh sakes.  I suppose that it comes as no surprise that her name is after the day of the week but the meaning for it is Woden's Day or child who is full of woe. Now, that is creepy!

So, how about some of those Halloween boys names?

Bramwell Fletcher was a 1930's actor who was best known for his appearance in the 1932 horror film, The Mummy. He would later star in the movie, The Scarlet Pimpernel. The name Bram of course is also associated with Bram Stoker of Dracula fame. It would seem the name Bram is synonymous with horror.
In actuality, Bram is a derivative of Abraham and means the father of multitudes. Something seems a bit off there doesn't it?


Griffin Dunne in 1981 played a backpacking college student infected by a werewolf who in turn becomes a werewolf at the drop of a moon beam.  Now come on werewolf! That name would certainly bring out the ultimate spooky right?

Well, Griffin does have an attachment to the mythological winged beings of half lion, half eagle. However, the name Griffin means strong lord! For the record, my friend's son is named Griffin and this meaning seems to fit him.

Jason (Voorhees) is know world wide as the awful horror killer of all the Halloween movies. He is known as scary, ruthless and just a plain scream-tastic murderer.  Do we really want to know this Jason or someone with the same name. Surely, any Jason's name would mean fanatical killer. 

In actuality Jason means to heal or healer.  Whoa...really? Something is seriously wrong here.
However, I suppose I am pretty glad about that, now that I think about it because I have a brother named...Jason. ;-)

I have given you only a select few of the spook-tacular names of Halloween. If you want to damage your child (just kidding), just like Halloween that much, then by all means, go ahead and name them something wild.

After all, what is really in a name?

Your Crypt Keeper,
Naila Moon

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