Saturday, February 7, 2015

Late, late, LATE for SONG-SUASION

Oh my gosh my friends, I have slept the day away. I have seriously not felt well in days and the only thing I seem to be able to do is sleep. I finally got out of the house yesterday and here today...ugh.

Anyway, that has caused me to not post Song-suasion until now, which is the brain-child of my friend, Cathy.
So, let's do this, ok? This is the first song that came to mind this evening and a wonderful one at that.

Make sure to go over to Cathy's and say hello.  
Until tommorow...

Naila Moon


  1. Oh dear, I'm sorry you haven't been well, lady! I hope you feel better soon. Do you have the flu? I like Mercy Me. Nice song selection by them, too. Thanks for joining the Saturday Songsuasion fun!

  2. Yes, I've heard this tune before... close your eyes and listen, and when you open your eyes it just doesn't look like he should be singing that song. I picture a cowboy - how about you? hehehe Is that cold of yours still hanging on..? Goodness girl get yourself some vitamin C for heavens sake & get better :)


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