Saturday, February 21, 2015


Here it is another Saturday and it is snowing again. I am not complaining by far as we have had it mild compared to other states.
I am joining one of my musical buds, Cathy, from for another day of musical bliss.

So, let's see what I have for you.

I was thinking about time today. It is crazy how quickly  it passes. Here we are in the Lenten season already and not too long ago it was just Christmas season. People have said it seems to go faster when you are older. I am beginning to think those people are right! Ah well...

So, my song for you today is about time. Enjoy and see you tomorrow! ~Naila Moon

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  1. I use to think time slipping was an age thingy, but my children always said the same even when they were still at home. I think we just get too much on our plates that preoccupies our time making it feel like it's flying by. Thanks for joining the Saturday music bliss! Stay warm!!! ;)


Thank you for reading and dropping by. I always appreciate your comments. ~Naila Moon