Friday, February 13, 2015

Review: GeckoTech Reusable Hooks and HP260 Packaging Tape #shopletreviews

I have spoken to you before about how much I love office supplies. Call it a thing with me, if you will. I simply cannot get enough of them. My home office is proof of that.

I also happen to like gadget-y things too. If it suits my purposes, I will buy it. That is why I was pretty happy when I received a new box from the duo of what I enjoy having.

First was these GeckoTech Reusable Hooks. I received one that holds no more than 5lbs and one that holds no more than 3lbs. What is nice about these is that they leave no damage on your walls like a nail would, no sticky residue, and they are waterproof. They are usable on many surfaces.

Now, I cannot attest to the waterproof part as I did not try it out but I did try the 5lb one on the back of my door. It stuck nicely and came off nicely too. However, I do have to say that it warns not to put more than recommended weight for each hook.  This statement is true in some regard but I would almost say even less weight than recommended. When I put a much lighter bag on the hook, it fell off my door.

I could say this was due to the fact the door is slightly ridged and I could only clean the door with a different product than the recommended cleaning alcohol. This may make a difference and I will try again in the future in a different area.

Moving on. I also received a thing of 22 yards of packaging tape. Now, this made me giddy. Seriously! I use packaging tape for everything. I use it for sending packages to art work.

This clear packaging tape is wonderful and strong as you would expect from the Duck brand. It is called the HP260 Packaging Tape and I love it! Ironically, I had just run out of packaging tape and needed to send the box you see above. Good timing, ey?

Right on the packaging it says it is "whisper quiet". Well, I put that to the test. I tried using it while my husband was asleep near by. Usually, when you pull out the tape it makes a sort of ripping sound. Well, I am here to tell you, when I tried it out, It didn't! Not one peep from the tape and not a peep from my sleeping husband either. Again, great stuff!

That is it for now. Go stock up for your home office and thank you shoplet!

Disclosure: I received these products from for my open and honest review. The views expressed here are 100% my own and may differ from yours. ~Naila Moon

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