Monday, February 16, 2015

Monday's Music Moves Me...TV Themes to hit Top 40 2/16/15 #MondaysMusicMovesMe

Hey, it's Monday! That means it's time for another whirlwind of music by the Monday's Music Moves Me gals. You know us...hosted by Xmas Dolly and co-hosted by Stacy, Colette, and yours truly.

Where is Becca you say? Well, sadly, she has taken off to do other things and will not be returning. I wish you well. Since she is a huge Disney fan, this song is for her...

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So...this week, we have a theme which has been a bit tricky for me. Translated into, I could not think of a thing. However, I prevailed! The theme is: Television themes that became Top 40 hits.

So after a little bit of investigation and admittedly making sure I was not repeating anyone else, I came up with these.

First up: Even though today, these boys would not at all be politically correct, I did watch their show full of cars chases, bad cops, and of course cousins, Daisy Dukes. I am talking about, "The Duke's of Hazzard". Their theme song by Waylon Jennings hit #21 in 1980.

Next up: Meant to poke fun at Super Heroes, this show featured a professor who found a suit that made him an instant super hero, the only thing is, he lost the instruction of how to use the suit. oops!
Written by Joey Scarbury this theme song hit #2 on the charts in 1981. I give you the "Greatest American Hero" theme song.

Finally: In the early 1980's...1981 to be exact... a TV show hit the airwaves to pay homage to the 1970's era. It brought about a little show called WKRP that made the love affair of '70s music kept alive.  Although, in truth this song only by Steven Carlise made #65 it is still worthy to be on my list.


  1. Happy Monday to you Nalia! I LOVED WKRP in Cincinnati! While I was picking my theme for the week I ended up watching clips from some of my old faves including WKRP - who will ever forget such immortal lines as "With God as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly?"

    Anyway, have a great week!

  2. The only one we didn't used to get over here was The Great American Hero I used to love watching WKRP In Cincinnati some old memories brought back here I'm gonna have it playing in me head all day now...Naila's fault ...coughs

    Have a fantabulosa day ;-)

  3. Once again, you and I thought alike with The Greatest American Hero.

  4. I guess I don't know much tv show theme songs eh :)
    Thanks for rocking.
    Have a fun week!

  5. HAHAHA WKRP I remember that one. Cool show. Love the little toon too! All great ones. Have a rockin' week HUGS

  6. Certainly, I like the theme for "The Duke's of Hazzard"!


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