Sunday, February 8, 2015

#MondaysMusicMovesMe...Freebie 2/9/15

Hey there, it's Monday and time to boogie on down with the music train. Of course this is hosted by Xmas Dolly and co-hosted by Becca, Callie, Stacy and yours truly! Hope aboard!

Sorry I was not around as much last week but I have been sleeping mostly. This dang cold that everyone seems to have gotten, got me! Ugh...I am still fighting it off so, hopefully I can be a better dancing hostess this week.

Before we get to the music, don't forget if you want some other social media follow sign up with this first linky. Don't put your music here though, that linky is down below.

Ok, now let's dance. It is freebie week so, let's see what I have for you.

First up: I just need some Creedace Clearwater Revival, Don't you?

Let's move on...this singer is going to be a Daddy soon. Dang, I remember when he was just a "baby" singer at 16 years old. I guess he will be singing a lot of lullabies soon. Justin Timberlake

This group is not a band I generally listen to but I am kind of liking their music even though it can be rather raw. They are fairly new to me but not to the world at large. Third Eye Blind.

Finally, let's dance on out of here with some good ole fashion rock 'n roll. Bob Seger

Rock on...Naila Moon


  1. Great songs and I hope you get better.

  2. Excellent choices Naila I like all of them Down On The Corner brings back some good memories and Mirrors is my favourite Timberlake track.

    Have a fantabulosa week Naila :-)


  3. Sorry you are not feeling well Nalia - I've been dealing with stuff too so I feel for you!

    Great song choices - I am a Bob Seeger fan so that's my fave of your choices! Had the pleasure of seeing him in concert once - he would have brought down the house except it was at an outdoor pavilion!

    Have a great week. TTYS!

  4. I love the old stuff by CCR ~ great choice to start the week off. Ah, I didn't know Justin is going to be a poppa. He seems like a likeable person. I was surprised with his acting ability. We saw him in a movie In Time and he did a fab job. Thanks for the dance, Naila! Have a tunestatic week!

  5. Creedace Clearwater Revival wonderful! Good memories!

  6. Great choices as usual my friend. I never heard Justin's song & love the video too. That man just has so much talent. Naturally the greats flooded my mind with memories and just loved dancin' wit y'all! HUGS

  7. My husband's favorite band is CCR. I like them a lot to! Thanks for sharing.

    1. My music post is here:

  8. CCR is always great! As are your other stellar song choices, Naila! :) Hope you're feeling better - thanks for the dance...but please keep the germs to yourself... >;o)~

    Girl Crush i’m Already Callin’ You Mine when i Kiss You In The Morning gives me a Brand New Buzz

  9. Great rockin' picks! Have a terrific Tuesday tomorrow.

  10. Okay I love all these, but Seger is my fave ever :)


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