Monday, February 16, 2015

#Review & #Giveaway: Slow Cooker Recipes For Beginners Cookbook #slowcooker #cookbooks

I was asked to review this cook book with recipes for slow cookers or as many or us call them, Crock Pots. I was a bit excited because although I use my slow cooker, I do not use it that much as I only know a few things to make in it.

Since the title said recipes for beginners and it said recipes to lose weight fast, I thought this might ideal for me. Unfortunately, that is where it began and ended. I do have some positives and negatives about the book, so let me tell you about them.

First the negatives:

The book began explaining what a slow cooker is and isn't. I thought this whole page a waste of space because if you have the slow cooker to begin with, you know what it is for, or at least I hope so.

Next the recipes were not for beginners. Although detailed in step by step, they were by far not for someone who had never used a slow cooker before. Some of the ingredients were downright complicated.

I simply could not see how these recipes were for losing weight. Many contained beef, lots of cheeses and other ingredients that would not mesh with weight loss.

Lastly, the book contained zero pictures to show what the finished product might look like. Many people that use cookbooks want this.

Now, the positives:

The recipes were complete and looked rather tasty. In fact, I highlighted a few for future reference. The step by step is there but more for an advanced cook.

The book was divide well into different sections. The book can also be used by vegetarians or meat eaters. There is a whole section of vegetarian recipes.

In the back of the book was a list of measurements which I found to be very helpful as half the time, I do not know and it is a good reference tool.

Complete meals can be made with this cookbook including some great desserts.

Overall, I think with a few changes, this book would be great addition to the cooking experience.

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Disclosure: I received a Kindle copy of this book to review. The opinions exxpressed here are 100% my own. ~Naila Moon

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  1. I'D LIke to learn another way to make pot roast and potatoes with the veggies etc.


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