Sunday, November 11, 2012

Day 11- Child Wonderment

This morning Tamirisc and I were having some pillow talk time. I love pillow talk! Anyway, we were discussing the movie we watched last night. Yes, it was a Christmas movie.


The movie had in it old fashion store Christmas windows that included animated dolls,animated elves, trains and more. We were discussing how the stores do not have them any more, at least not the way I remember them. I was explaining to him that I thought this was sad that new generations have not grown up with that wonderment.


When I was a child, my parents dressed us up in Christmas outfits and took us to the city, that being St. Louis. At that time the biggest department store was Famous-Barr (it was bought out by Macy's who eventually tore the store down).  Famous-Barr were notorious for their huge Christmas window displays and everyone flocked to them to see them.

Famous-Barr back in the day (source)
In actuality we never had to go in the store to enjoy all the Christmas finery. However, if you didn't you were missing out. Once inside the displays came alive even more so in the store. Everywhere you turned there was animated things and snowflakes and shiny, wrapped, spinning gifts. Famous-Barr had several floors and each was as special as the next.

For us kids though, the ultimate was the top floor, which of course is where our parents whisked us too as soon as possible. There was rows of snowflakes and candy canes hanging from above. Gingerbread houses lined the walls and "elves" guides the site-seekers down the hallway. At the end of the hallway was the big guy himself, Santa Claus.

Of course we got our photo taken and told him our secret wishes but he also passed out candy canes and a real wrapped gift. Wow!

I am sorry that our children are not entitled to those days of wonderment, those days of specialness, those days of just being a kid. I really am sorry, but in the same sense, I am thankful that I got to enjoy the wonderment of being a kid at Christmas.

~Naila Moon


  1. i loved being a kid at christmas

  2. me too - I still love being me at Christmas time cuz I am a big kid, but WHAT WAS THE NAME OF THE MOVIE???/ I WANNA WATCH TOO! I have to watch more this week. I've already started watching mine. I watched Mrs. Santa Claus with Angela Langsbury last week. I love that movie and I also watched Call me Claus with Whoopi Goldberg. That one is okay, but I have many more to watch. hehehehe

  3. Dolly, the movie was THE CHRISTMAS CONSULTANT, starring David Hasselhoff. Not a terrible film.

    I just wish I had the opportunity to experience windows like this when I was growing up. None of the displays in the stores in Colorado were animated, at least I don't remember them being, but being nearly 53 years old, I am not sure of that.

    I do know that when I was growing up, that the stores did have all kids of displays inside the holidays and those were special, of the one ones I remember most were the toys.

    Wish I could have this kind of experience now. Who knows.

    Thanks for this special post.


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