Monday, November 12, 2012

Day 12-Thankful for my parents

Today I wanted to talk about my parents.  If it wasn't for them saying "yes" to each other 45 years ago, I would not be in existence. The fact remains, I and my three brothers live and breathe because of them.

Each of my parents brought something to the plate when it comes to me.

My Mother taught me that being a woman is great and that nobody can tell you that you can't do anything. She also taught me that organization is key in everything you do. She worked full time, took us to our extra-curricular activities and ran the household. In addition, she taught me that there is no other baseball team than the Cardinals, everyone should exercise (I do not think I have learned that lesson quite yet), traveling is fun, education is everything, spirituality is key for a home and family is always first!

My Dad taught me about hard work and dedication. He taught me about photography, dancing and being silly. He taught me that Christmas is beautiful. He also taught me that not all men like sports and that knowing about history and music is awesome. In addition, he taught me to drive and how NOT to drive and that Indy race car driving is not just some people going around in circles. LOL

In 2011 it was really tough as I lost my Dad to cancer/heart failure and this year, 2012,  my Mother moved to Arizona away from everyone.  Life sure does change but I love my parents today more than ever.  Thanks Mom and Dad...for everything!

Your daughter,

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