Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Wordless(ish) Wed. and Art A Day Update (Day 19 & 20)

Remember I was telling you about how our first Thanksgiving together in 2008 went? No? Well, go HERE then. I'll wait.  So, as you see, it was a comedy of errors.


 So, since it is Wordless Wednesday today. I thought I would show you our cooked bird prior to me finding the surprise!

Look how determined I am there! LOL

I need to get up to date on my Art A Day post so...


  1. Looks like a well cooked bird (with an early Christmas present!)

  2. Your turkey story was funny! haha :)
    AS for the picture... you are really working it! :D Happy thanksgiving and happy WW too!

  3. U R kiddin' right? hahaha Girl what am I gonna do with you! TAKE THE BAG OUT AND DUMP IT AROUND THE TURKEY! Unless you like that stuff. My brother does so I give it to him when he comes, otherwise I leave it so the juice is a plenty & I makes lots of gravy. I love the neck the next day because then I broil it a tad so it's crispy! mmmmmm Well, you sure like your art don't you! That's wonderful! Happy Thanksgiving, and watch that knife girl! Be careful! hehehe

  4. I lack all skills required to cook a turkey and am quite grateful to have a neighbor who does it for me. Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. In the spirit of American Thanksgiving – thanks for participating on my meme – I also wish you and your loved ones a healthy and happy holiday season! Hope to see you again next week.


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