Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Let's Talk Turkey/day 20

As we here in the U.S. are headed into the Thanksgiving holiday, I wanted to take some time to talk turkey. Most all of us have turkey for Thanksgiving but not all of us are great cooks.
For years my kids thought that Mom's cooking was take-out, frozen pizza or microwave cooking. Seriously, this is true! Just ask them.

The truth was I could cook, I just hated it! *gasp*

When I met Mark, he insisted on me trying out cooking. I kicked and screamed but eventually did a pretty good job. In fact, he likes it when I do cook. 

The first year we were together, I was also going to make my very first turkey. As it turns out, Mark had never made a turkey either so he was no help.

We followed the directions about thawing and all that. We seasoned and all that and threw it in the oven.  What came out was a beautifully cooked bird. Then I went to cut it only to find that we had cooked the gibblets and neck in the bird. Mark had put the stuffing right on top of the packages! 

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Oh my gosh we laughed and laughed about that. Needless to say, the next time we cooked a turkey, we did not forget that one important element.

Maybe we should have called the turkey hotline to begin with. In case you are like me that number is 1-800-288-8372.

Naila Moon

PS>Tomorrow I talk more turkey with you. :) Today I am thankful for the gift of alone time to gather my thoughts.


  1. LOL! Well at least they were a wrapped gift just waiting for you.

  2. Why doesn't that not seem to surprise me? LMAO You two are just one hell of a comedy team! ROFL... Gee, wonder why this stuffing tastes papery! hahahahaha


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