Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Day 14-Tongs

As I have mentioned before, sometimes it is just the little things that should be appreciated. It is often those things we take for granted that we really ought to be thankful for.

Case in point. 
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In the area I live, there is a huge population of homeless people.  I am not really sure why but there just is.

Tonight Mark and I were out and about waiting for the bus, when a man on a bike came up to us and started rooting through the trash.
He was looking for cans to possibly sell for some cash. His instrument of choice to look through the can?  Tongs! That is right, tongs!

This man did not want to put his hands in all that stuff we throw away but still needed to find the things so he could live. If it wasn't for the tongs this man could have also had health issues on top of living on the street.

The point is here is that tongs are something I think of when I cook spaghetti, a simple tool to pull out food from my pot. Is this what this man was doing when he pulled out cans so he could eat? Hmm...think about that a moment.

So, what am I thankful for tonight? TONGS! But, I am also thankful that I have food on my table every night and I do not have to root around hoping there is a can or two next to some strangers sitting waiting for the bus.

Please keep in mind of our homeless.

Naila Moon

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  1. it sad to know some people don't have homes this time year or any time really i always try to help when i can


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