Thursday, November 29, 2012

Would you like to be a Secret Santa?

Hi everyone-

I am putting together a Secret Santa exchange. 

Would you like to participate?

I think it is a fun way to go shopping for a stranger (or someone you know) and them not know it is you!

1-Sign ups begin RIGHT NOW until the 5th of December. 

2-Link up here(in comments) and e-mail me the following if you want to participate: your name, address and likes/dislikes. (only the person I partner you with and myself will have your addres


3-Go shopping! The limit is $5...that's right $5! Hey, you have been wanting to hit the dollar store anyway...right? So be creative! (homemade stuff with the limit is ok too)

4-Mail your gift to arrive on Dec. 15th.

5-When you receive your present, video the opening and post OR take pictures and post to this blog page. Give it a guess who your Secret Santa is. We will reveal that in due time.

Let's have fun shall we? Need some ideas?  I found a Pinner who started a pin board. Find her HERE.

Remember, link up by December 5th!

~Naila Moon


  1. yeah we did this in 360 and we have fun

  2. Me too and hey everybody go say hi to Becca above comment - She's 41 today and she's throwing a party - I just sent the Desigated Riders over there (hubby's band hehehe) PARRRTAY! Love this idea my friend I'll help you pass the word.

  3. Oh are you doing the ornament thingy too???

  4. I heard about this through Dolly and I was assuming it was more expensive to join in, but $5 is extremely reasonable! :)

    Now it just depends on if my stupid health cooperates o.O


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