Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Day 21...Communicate Thanks

Today I am most grateful for communication between me and others especially my husband. Sometimes good communication is the key to success of everything.
I wish you a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving. I hope that you enjoy being with your families and making memories to last.

Naila Moon


  1. Whoa! I really not sure if I should say anything, but actually I'm a little offended of that picture. That is supposed to be the Blessed Mother, and Baby Jesus, and they had a Turkey on her head & wearing glasses? String beans for hair & the Lord is holding what is that pumpkin pie. I'm a Catholic, & I find that picture a bit sacrilegious, but that's me & my opinion.

    1. Dolly,
      The person that actually first posted this photo and I snatched is a good friend of mine who is a strict Catholic.

      I was a Catholic youth minister at one point in my life. I think Jesus and Mary would be ok with it, I am sure they had a sense of humor.

      However, there was no intent to offend here.

  2. I'm sorry I should've stated that I didn't mean you persay, but I meant the photographer that put this picture together. I just don't think it's right, and that's only my opinion. Others may think it's funny, but... Oh well nuff said. I know you didn't mean anything by it silly girl and I love love love love you blog it's that old timey Christmas I love love. I have to go do something new with mine. I sure hope I don't mess it up!


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