Sunday, November 18, 2012

Day 18-A Million thanks!

I am not sure how you feel about our military but I know that I appreciate them. My brother currently is serving abroad.
You probably always hear, "thank our service people" "give them a hand shake" or something like that.

Well, here is your chance to thank a service person with a personal note. If you send them your e-mail or snail mail many of them do write back.

A few years ago I wrote to anyone who read my letter. As it turns out, that person did indeed write back.  I cannot tell you his name now but I do remember he was most gracious for receiving my letter as he was far away from the states.

There are several letter writing campaigns and I will share a couple with you.

A Million Thanks

A Million Thanks dot org is a group that sends cards all year round. There are dead lines to send cards at a certain time and there are restrictions. Click HERE to find out about them.

Letters To Soldiers dot org is another group that allows you to type your letter in to their web site and they will print and send it for you. Click HERE to find out about them.

It certainly cannot hurt to address one more card to a soldier while we are filling out other cards to send to family and friends.  Let's do this and give a little thanks!

~Naila Moon

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  1. Thanks for posting these. I'm going to try to send holiday cards through A Million Thanks.

    Found you via yeahwrite :)


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