Thursday, September 1, 2011

Top 10...Labor Day

As unbelievable as it may sound, this is post #2 for me tonight. I simply could not let Thursday go by and not join Beth in her Top 10 of the week. So, without further adu...this week is: The Top 10 Things You Would Like to Do On Labor Day (drum roll please)

1. BBQ! Who doesn't want to heat up the grill on Labor Day Weekend.  Actually, my family is getting together on Monday for that. 

2. Relax! Honestly, if I had a hammock, I would be in it all weekend.
3. Plant flowers. This is really something my Mom wants me to do for her but I love planting flowers.

4. Homework.  I am in a mythology class this semester and if I want to keep up with it and pass well, I have to read the pages.
5. Read. I have four or five books that I am currently reading. I would like to at least finish one of them.
6. Watch the MDA telethon.  I used to watch this EVERY year. This is Jerry Lewis' last year so, I really do want to watch it this year.

7. Blogging. 30 days baby!
8. Babysitting.  I am hanging out with my grand-daughter on Saturday while her parents take off for the day.

9. Hubby time. Spend some time with Tamirisc, maybe play Scrabble or something.
10. Prayer time. Got to always have time with the Creator!

Have a great weekend.
Peace...Naila Moon

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  1. Homework! I forgot about that. Add a number 11 to my list...I have a lot of homework for the bible study I'm in.

    Stopping in from Beth's Top Ten. Enjoy your weekend and your plans.


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