Monday, September 12, 2011

Day 13...On Collective Thought

The last couple of days I have mentioned the idea of collective thoughts. Those things we human beings can strive for just simply by believing it to be so and working toward that common goal. 

It is not so far-fetched as you may think this sounds. I mean if you simply believe in the power of prayer, then that is collective thought.

Now do not get me wrong though, even though I truly believe in this idea, it should not replace individual thought either. After all, if it was not for those individuals who decided to have their own thoughts and mindset, we would still be living in a monarchy or worse.

Think about these two examples:

1. I have a friend by the name of Cam who currently lives in Japan. A few years ago, another mutual friend asked him to come to her country to be at her wedding. It would take about $4000 for him to come. He asked the universe or in prayer you might say, for this to happen.  He also mentioned it to his online friends and then left it at that, believing that it would happen. Our friend, also believed and asked.

Guess what?! Collectively and with work it did!  This is just a brief part of this whole story.

2. Recently, as you already know, my nephew was diagnosed with leukemia. His prognosis did not look so great. I asked first in prayer that he would be healed but then I asked those of you out here in Bloggerville and elsewhere to pray for him or send him positive thoughts.  The rest of my family did the same.

Guess what?! I am happy to report that, although he still must have chemo, his blood counts are good AND it looks like he is not going to need a very painful bone marrow transplant.

Do you see what I mean?

One final thought, my friend Cam that I mentioned earlier, since I first "met" him he tells everyone he loves them. He believes, as others do, by simply telling individuals they are loved, they will feel it and in turn, it makes a better place to live. Hmm...collective thought?

Until tomorrow, peace....
Naila Moon


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