Sunday, September 4, 2011

Day 4...Please, I beg of you!

Since I dropped Tamirisc off at work this morning I have been at my Mom's house. She has not been here all morning, which is good because I get things done! hee hee 

You see, I am her personal assistant for the church she is pastor of. I use her computer to do her church stuff. When she is home, I inevitably get in to debate with her about using it. It is amazing to me that she always seems to "need" to be on it right when I am getting ready to do something for her.
Anyway, it has been so unbelievably hot this week. We have had 100+ temps in my fair city of Po Dunk.  The grass is now a lovely shade of brownish-green.  The trees are totally confused because they are beginning to turn for Autumn.

I am truly begging, pleading, whining, to Mother Nature to throw us a bone and let it rain. Seriously! I could even care less if that means our planned BBQ tomorrow gets wet. We need rain!------------------------------------

Obviously, I am taking a break from the church stuff and blogging away. I have also been listening to the hits of the 70's on YouTube in preparation for tomorrow's post.  Oh, you have got to come check that one out!

Well, enjoy the rest of the weekend...all the BBQ's and such. 

Until tomorrow,
Peace...Naila Moon


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