Thursday, September 8, 2011

Top 10...Autumn

This week Beth at A Work In Progress asks us to name the top 10 things we love about Autumn. I share Beth's exuberance about Autumn because it is truly my favorite time of year. So, let's see...

1. The beautiful colors: what doesn't say Autumn than all the myriad of colors: oranges, reds, yellows and yes, green too! These are seen not only in the leaves but flowers too.
As a kid I loved jumping in all those beautiful leaves.

2.Fall festivals: In particular I like a local festival called the Apple Butter Festival. It is held in an old town by the name of Kimmswick right on the Mississippi River.  I am not fond of the apple butter but it is certainly fun to go there!

3. Eckert's Farm: This is also a local place just across the river. (They used to have a farm just south of me.) Here people can enjoy picking you own apples and in October pumpkins. The place has other activities to enjoy as well. 

4. Pumpkins: I love the sizes and shapes that pumpkins come in.  I do enjoy carving them too, although I will admit, I am not the greatest carver.   (Go Here or Here for carving ideas) There are so many things you can do with them in home decor too. 

5. Decorating:Who does not like decorating your house? Seriously! I enjoy fall decorum as much as I like touches of the Halloween stuff. I do not do gory or anything like that but I do have a 5 ft scarecrow. *chuckles* (For decorating ideas go Here)

6. Hay rides: As I used to live out in God's Country, hay rides was not so unusual. I did not live on a farm but I had friends who did.  I remember a very cold hayride at her place.

7. Bon fires: I have attended many a bon fire in my day. The tallest one ever was...I dunno really...but it was huge. We used to have them at our high school as part of the homecoming football game.

8. Football: I am  pretty partial to my teams...yes, teams...I love to watch a good game of professional ball. I actually learned how to play the game when I was football manager in high school. Once I knew the rules and such it was love. 

9. Holidays: Halloween is a great time to be a kid again. ( I found This fun thing on line)The last few years Tamirisc and I have gone to a Costume Ball. The past three we went to were family oriented. This year we are planning to go to one that is for adults only. Again, not the gory stuff...I do not like that.  If that isn't enough, I watch Charlie Brown specials too. (Told you, over grown kid here!)

Then of course Thanksgiving. What better time to remember and give thanks for all the blessings throughout the year. The last three years I have not been able to spend it with family. This year is to be different. However, I probably will also be serving dinner at my Mom's church to the needy that day...certainly to be a blessing in itself.

10. Feelings of excitement: Over all, Autumn just gives me a shot in the arm. The air is crisp and cooler. People are generally happier and  all of us know that soon other holidays are right around the corner. For me, life seems more pleasant.

Enjoy the beginning of the Fall season. I know I will! I found this video for you to hear if you wish...beautiful.

Until tomorrow, peace...Naila Moon


  1. Beautiful ... words and pictures! Thanks for joining in! I agree with you that there is something just invigorating about autumn air! :) LOVE it!

  2. beautiful post. I am learing to love autumn's just that winter follows it...and we have such long winters.

  3. Linda-true but with the winter comes the Spring. ;-)


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