Monday, September 12, 2011

Day 12...Mondays Music and some thoughts

Today is Monday so you must know by now that I rock out on this day with Xmas Dolly for Mondays Music Move Me.

However, before I get to that I have a couple of thoughts that I wish to toss at you.

I read a fantastic article this morning which spoke about the events of the day after 9-11-2001. (You can read it Here) The article stated that today is the 10th anniversary of that event. In essence, what we as a country, decided to do after such a devestating event. Are collective minds working together for a common goal.  

I suppose my question is, can we return to the common goal of working together to make our world peaceful? Can we work to help out our brothers and sisters who have been struggling since 2001 or even before?  Can we work to no longer live in fear?  

I think so, but it takes work. It takes compromise. It takes a collective thought to believe it can happen.  I only ask you to think about it...the possibility of  it.
Having said that, now on to the music. Thinking and reflecting on 9-11-2001, 9-12-2001 and  New York in particular, I want to dedicate my "freebie week" to that.

I want to start out with a video I saw this morning on TV. It made me tear up. 

Up next a classic singer...he always rocks!:

This is a great song and I love her voice too:

This last song I have included to help us remember why so many people (including our ancestors) originally came here and what made us great:

Until next time, Peace...
~Naila Moon


  1. What a great post! You are so right. After 911, America pulled together and stood united. Ten years later, it's like we forgot or at least, the powers that be seem to have forgotten. That was evident when the firefighters were not invited to the Ground Zero memorial yesterday. *stepping down off soap box now*

    I love State Farm commercial and I almost picked for this week's choice but when I heard Paul Simon yesterday, I had to post that song.

  2. It does take the collective to make it happen on a big scale, but one person has to begin and it will scatter like a seed in the wind and grow.

    I wish America was growing, but it seems the growth is in patches and the wave of influence make it seems like it's dying.

    We as a people have to remember our worth and power together to come back and claim freedom, the land, hardwork, and community.

    Great post.

    Love your music. Thanks for playing with us.

  3. Very good point. We are all so busy fighting over our differences instead of embracing the melting pot that made us America. Some day maybe, we will learn to respect all, and be united as one, the human race. Good song choices!

  4. Neil is my man! Love that you included his song. There was a local event on 9/11 and they played this song. Have a great week.

  5. Girlfriend, you duh best! What a great Post. The choices are phenomenal. That first one with the kids choked me up with a big smile. I hear what you're saying, and feel every word, and totally agree! Thanks for being one of our favorite followers. See ya next week my friend, and we can ROCK together once again!


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