Sunday, September 18, 2011

Day 18..."The Gift of Work"

As I mentioned in one of my post yesterday, I had some thoughts on some of the chapters from the book, The Ultimate Gift.
Today I want to talk to you about chapter three which is the "The Gift of Work".

I began working when I was around 11 years old. I started babysitting others people's kids for a mere $2 an hour. Which at the time was like a million bucks to me. I had taken a babysitting class from our local hospital and was certified to do so. I knew how to change (gasp) cloth diapers and use real pins. I could save a life if I needed to. Needless to say, I thought I was the stuff! lol

Seriously though, I had a good reputation around my small town so I babysat quite often. At 12 years old I also worked in a restaurant washing dishes. I got paid again $2 an hour and a free meal. The restaurant was owned by one of my charge's parents.

It seems to me, I have always worked.  Oh sure, there have been short breaks but I always have.  After all, I had to. I came from a fairly large family and we were far from rich.  My parents gave us the "gift of work" by teaching us that it was far better to work for something and earn it ourselves than it was simply to be handed over to us.

Me in my prom dress circa 1986

I went to a private school for high school.  I had worked in the cafeteria and the school's office to help pay for my tuition all through school. I also worked a weekend job for a donut shop in town. I still did babysitting on occassion.

When I was a high school senior, I wanted to go to prom. So, I worked and saved until I paid for my dress (above).  I also paid for my class ring (which my daughter now wears) and yes, paid for part of my tuition.  Again, if I wanted it, I worked for it.

Most places I have worked for, I worked for many years. That donut shop I mentioned, I worked there six years.  Most of the customers began to think I owned the place.  The most recent employment I had, I worked for one year. The only reason I still do not work there is because I moved and for health reasons.

My parents gave me a work ethic that is unimaginable and I cannot be more grateful for it. I learned that working hard and appreciating what you receive from it makes the work worth while. The things received from the work is coveted and not thrown away because I know I can just go get another.

So tell me, where have you worked? Did you gain something from the work? Do you see it as a gift?

Until tomorrow...peace,
Naila Moon

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