Saturday, September 17, 2011

Day 15...Top 10...Ideas!

I am a little behind in the blogging since my computer crashed and I am having to use someone else. This was supposed to have been for, can we just pretend it is? lol

For this week's Top 10, Beth asked us to come up with some ideas for Top 10. She was having difficulties with an idea, so, she made it the idea.

1. You have a box of 100 Crayola Crayons. What are your Top 10 favorite colors?

2. What are your Top 10 favorite songs?

3. What are your Top 10 satire movies?

4. What are your Top 10 favorite children's book?

5. It is Halloween and you have to stock the stores. What are your Top 10 costumes?

6. What are your Top 10 favorite TV series?

7. You just found an old baby book. What are your Top 10 favorite baby names?

8. (borrowed this one) What are your Top 10 historical events?

9. (also borrowed) What would be your Top 10 reasons for extreme couponing?

10. (one more borrowed) The postal department is in bad shape. What are the Top 10 things you think it could do to turn things around?


  1. These would be great ideas for top 10's. Hoping your computer is on the mend soon.

  2. Great list! Quite a few to really make one think!
    Have a happy Sunday :)

  3. Great list! Thanks for joining in! I'm really behind on my blogging right now too. Life keeps getting in the way!


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