Thursday, September 8, 2011

Day 8...Why?

It is 5AM and I am up blogging. Well, actually, I have been up since before 3AM. I am up with sore throat, coughing and sniffling.
I thought maybe if I perused Facebook that would help. 

Do you have any idea who is on FB at that time of the morning? NOBODY!  At around 4AM a friend of mine popped on to say good morning to me. She told me she meditates at that time before going out for her morning run at 5AM. Little nuts perhaps? Nah, really she is a good person. Ok, yeah, nuts too.

So, I decided I would play Angry Birds then. That game is so addictive!  Does anyone have a clue as to why they are angry?  

Then I played Zombie Attack or something like that. I don't know really, I was just trying to pass the time and possibly get back to sleep. Apparently though, this is a huge issue...see? *chuckles*

Finally, I thought maybe if I come here and blog my entry for the day, I might actually get sleepy. Guess what? I am...but...I am also now...hungry! sigh.

I will see you in a little while for Top 10. Until then...zzzzzzzzzz

Peace, Naila Moon

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