Saturday, September 3, 2011

Day 3...this post brought to you by...

All day today I have been taking care of my grand-daughter while my son and daughter-in-law are off on an adventure.

This morning we hung out with my Mother and drove up to St. Louis.  They were having some veteran's thing in conjunction with Labor Day events and we wanted to check it out. 

This was part of a bigger display but I love the shot I took.

The only problem for us was three-fold: we forgot Izabella's stroller, it was hot (again for the 3rd day in a row), and we got there way too early.

At least we got to see this fun hot air balloon and a police horse.  Izabella was not too sure about that but she petted the horse anyway. 

Never forgotten!

The officer told us he rides and trains everyday with his horse.

My mom and Izabella (guy got in my photo shot)

We also saw the beginnings of the National Wheel Chair Tennis Tournament.  I was so amazed at watching this one guy practice.  I'm telling you, I would not play well standing up more less this guy who was in his chair. All I can say is wow!

This guy was good!

Mom then took us over to the Boat House for lunch. As many times that I have been in Forest Park, I had never been there. It was so lovely and right next to the lake...such the name because they have paddle boats to rent. 

To the Boat House

Finally, as it was unbelievably hot, we got in the car and toured around a little bit of the park. This park has been in existence since the 1904 World's Fair that took place there. Many of the buildings and features from then still exist.  It is an exquisite park, well taken care of and well used.

After that most exciting morning and early afternoon, we came home and watched Sesame Street, sang, danced and read books. Finally, Izabella has laid back down for a nap and her grandma gets to blog about the day. :)

How has your Saturday been?

Peace, love, and Elmo...Naila Moon

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