Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Day 6...BBQ, Babies and BS

Yesterday the family, friends and I had a wonderful time over at my Mom's house for a Labor Day bbq. 

My son...aka The Great BBQ Chef...cooks meat like there is nothing to it. Oh my gosh was it good. There was seriously something for everyone:chicken, beef burgers, turkey burgers, brats, hot dogs...all yummy!

My Mom also had all the usual bbq fixin's. She also had mashed potatoes which was a request from my son who does not like potato salad.  Everyone at those!  

The rest of my family filled in with seven layer salad and there was even a 3-layer sugar free pudding dessert. It sounds gross but was really good!

My daughter-in-law,son, and a friend all had their babies there with them. Two little girls that did not play together at all. They were leery of each other which was kinda funny and weird all rolled in to one.

My grand-daughter at one point decided to play with a ball I had brought over for her.  It was truly funny because she would throw it up in the air and let it drop. The first time she did this we clapped for her. Well, I really should say the first three times. Of course she clapped too. Then she kept doing the same thing over and over , look around to make sure some one had seen her and would clap. It was really funny for a bit.

So after everyone ate their fill, the BS began. As my children had a bunch of their high school friends over, they were laughing and telling stories like there was no tomorrow.  They had not all been together in one place in a long time, so, it was good to see them. They all call me mom and to a few, I have truly been just that.

I decided to teach them all how to play bocce ball. Right off the bat they would not let me explain. I had first tried to tell them it was basically Italian bowling. So of course, they asked, "Where are the pins?"

After explaining that you hit a little ball, my daughter and I got in to this small conversation.

Her: " Oh, so it is like Quidditch?"
Me: "Um, no."
Her: "It's like marbles!"
Me: (rolling my eyes) "Yeah, just like that."

I finally got two words in, gave them some trumped up directions, and told them all just to roll the damn balls so we could play.  The game lasted less time than it was for me to explain it.

Later on, as I had also brought board games, Tamirisc and I played a couple of rounds of the game 'Trouble'. We each won a game. I have to tell you though, we are both competitive but no one got hurt.

All, in all, a very fun evening.

See you tomorrow.
Peace...Naila Moon

PS>As I was blogging I found this video you may enjoy, it humored me in light of yesterdays events.

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